Aims & new perspective

"A Green Black Sea"
Sustainable Development, Innovation, Governance

Through its activities, the ICBSS promotes multilateral cooperation among the BSEC member states, the European Union and other international organisations.

The Centre elaborates and publishes research papers and studies, organises a variety of scientific events, and manages research projects that seek to foster a comprehensive and cohesive approach towards important issues of the Black Sea region, with explicit measurable (qualitatively and quantitatively) results and gains at both the academic and political level.

Our objective is to be established as an independent centre of reference (think-tank) with an autonomous and self-reliant course that provides useful advice and produces ideas as well as policy recommendations for the Black Sea region.

Moving towards this direction requires the systematisation and management of information that the Centre already has at its disposal (from various sources) on the one hand, and their efficient use for producing specialised policies that could be fed into decision-making mechanisms and think-tanks globally, on the other hand.

Within this framework, we aspire to focus on the dual concept of "Knowledge" and "Sustainability" that will gradually form the basis of a coherent strategic plan for the region, comprised of clearly defined priorities and goals.

In close cooperation with the BSEC and its related bodies our aim -in parallel with enhancing security, tackling the protracted conflicts, and fostering economic cooperation between BSEC member states, regions, and the private sector- is the emergence of a new model promoting the principles of sustainable development, innovation, and good governance that could strengthen the area and lead to the creation of a dynamic hub with multiplying effects in the wider Black Sea region. Specifically, the model should focus on:

1. The efficient use of natural resources with a special emphasis on (a) the vital energy sector and (b) the sustainable management of water resources, eg. of the Black Sea itself (pilot actions).

2. Activating and enhancing human capital in Knowledge Networks. Promoting good governance by fostering cooperation with NGOs and civil society actors; supporting involvement in research and innovation networks (e.g. the 7th Framework Programme): establishing training programmes in line with the proposed new axes of priorities: presenting best practices in research and innovation; and strengthening relations with educational institutions and young researchers that will be introduced to subjects concerning the Black Sea area and that will collaborate with the ICBSS in numerous ways.

3. Promoting a policy and target-oriented framework for the region's sustainable development prospects, with a particular emphasis on transregional cooperation (see Commission on the Black Sea, A 2020 Vision for the Black Sea, May 2010), cross-border cooperation, trade, transport and new investments, thus making parallel use of key policies such as "green entrepreneurship", "green transportations", etc.

Moving towards a "Green Black Sea" is our new perspective, one characterised by a focus on development, culture, as well as economic and social prosperity, one that goes beyond the traditional approach and makes the concept of Sustainable Development / Greening Innovation, and Governance our driving force. Thus, the environmental dimension runs through all of our actions and aims.

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