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The ICBSS is a proactive member of the BSEC institutional family and participates in the deliberations of the BSEC decision-making, related, and subsidiary bodies, mainly in a consultative role.

Upon specific mandates the ICBSS drafts policy documents (ministerial declarations, action plans, background papers), and coordinates the work of the ad hoc Group of Experts on BSEC-EU Interaction as well as on security and stability related issues. It is also actively involved in permanent BSEC Working Groups. The ICBSS regularly reports on these activities to the BSEC Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

As an independent research and training institution, the ICBSS exploits synergies with its institutional role and develops complementary activities, including the elaboration and publication of research papers and studies, the organisation of a variety of scientific events, the managements of research projects on a contract basis, as well as networking activities.

Our programmes include:

  • The ICBSS Annual Conference: an international forum for focused debate between policy makers and researchers.
  • The ICBSS Annual Lecture:an open with expert guest speakers.
  • The International Black Sea Symposium: an interactive learning environment for young professionals
  • The Black Sea Research Network:a multidisciplinary system of research institutes.    
  • The ICBSS Outreach Programme:engaging leading experts and local stakeholders in debates on regional affairs.  
  • Project management, specifically with regard to EU co-funded regional projects on science and technology.

ICBSS publications:

  • The Xenophon Papers: a series of comprehensive, policy-oriented studies; published also in Greek by Papazisis Publishers, Athens.
  • The ICBSS Policy Briefs: commentaries on topical issues.
  • The Black Sea Monitor: an electronic review of regional affairs.

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