Black Sea Research Network

The Black Sea Research Network (BSRN) is an action-focused and multidisciplinary network of policy-oriented research institutes that develop research programmes on issues of importance to the political, social and economic development of the Black Sea region. It represents an innovative attempt to structure and coordinate a network of research institutes (and researchers) focusing on the wider Black Sea region.


The BSRN is envisaged as a forum for informed discussion and scholarly debate on all aspects of policy in the wider Black Sea region among academics and practitioners. It aims to modernise, widen and deepen research in all aspects of policy, building on a foundation of informal cooperation between its members.

Its objective is to foster the exchange of information, views and best practices among leading policy-oriented research institutes, promoting joint undertakings and the pooling of resources.

It is devoted to advancing this objective through:

  • Fostering interaction between researchers and policy institutes with an expertise on issues concerning the Black Sea area;

  • Disseminating research results to the academic and policy-making community as well as the interested general public;

  • Developing partnerships and joint activities; and

  • Maintaining a database of publications and ongoing research projects on the Black Sea area.


Membership includes centres of excellence ( policy-oriented research institutes ) working on several disciplines of the social sciences (international relations, economics, politics, etc.).

Over the long-term, the network is expected to expand to other fields such as science and technology.


On-line access to:

- Bibliographical Databases
- BSRN Library and Documentation Centre Directory
- Factual Databases (country specific and thematic)
- Information on current events (conferences, projects, etc.) relevant to the Black Sea region Joint Events and Research

The ICBSS in its role as initiator and administrator of the network serves as the central contact point both internally (for member institutes) and externally.

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