WEB-GIS Observatory

WEB-GIS Observatory Network for the Environmental and Sustainable Development of the Black Sea


ICBSS undertook the initiative to establish an integrated mechanism of a WEB-GIS Observatory which will gradually gather and process geographical and statistical data related to sustainable development and environment.

Initially, a small number of data and indicators in national and regional level (NUTS 0 and NUTS 2) has been selected and validated from different sources (UN, OECD, World Bank, CIA, IMF, EEA, Natural Earth, Open Street Map, Geofabrik, GeoHive etc.)


• The creation of a strategic tool that will provide information services and support policies and development programs for all stakeholders of the Black Sea region
• The support of policy-makers who need to compare data and define similarities and/or differences among different countries and regions
• The provision of valuable information to NGOs and local development agencies
• The promotion of cooperation and networking among the Black Sea countries
• The higher placement of environmental concerns and priorities in the agenda of policy-makers in all sectoral policies
• Establishment of institutionalised networks in the future

Technical specifications

• Development of a MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) which will include geographical layers – data, statistical data and indicators
• Development of a WEB GIS for the retrieval and analysis of the contents of the MIS
• Development of a WEB STATISTICAL ANALYSIS of data and indicators through Internet

Thematic categories of data

• Geographical position
• Environment and natural assets
• Economic strength
• Social integration
• Accessibility

GIS characteristics and available functions

• Data extraction. Request of real geographic or statistical data
• Pan and Zoom (previous extent, Zoom in, Zoom out, Pan one direction, Zoom to active Layer)
• Image rendering. Takes a snapshot of the view that the user created of the available geographic layers and save it in different image format (e.g. jpeg)
• Measurement of distances on the map
• Production of customized thematic maps (by regions and countries)
• Use of basic mapping functions (zooming, selection of colors and groups, retrieve data by clicking on a particular object in the map, etc).
• Cut and paste produced maps and graphics to text editors (to be included in reports or to graphic design or multimedia applications for presentations)

Interactive Mapping and Statistical Analysis

• The Interactive Mapping Analysis includes maps with the following capabilities: Query and Spatial Selection, Interactive classification, Buffer, Toggle and Zooming tools
• The Interactive Statistical Analysis gives the user the ability to query the database for statistical\indicator data. Results depend on parameters that the user defines. After making a data compilation, user can study the selected data as a chart, corresponding metadata and some basic statistical information (Min, Max, Average, Coefficient Variation and Standard Deviation)
• The Instructions Manual is an analytical guide with useful instructions for potential users

The WEB-GIS Observatory Network, funded and supported by the ICBSS, has been developed by:

Ass. Prof. Ioannis Katsios (T.E.I. of Athens, Dept. of Land Surveying Engineering, Laboratory of Geoinformatics)

in collaboration with

Prof. Grigorios Kafkalas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Spatial Development Research Unit – SDRU)

Special partners



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