Step 4: Development of Action Plan

4.1 Specific targets

Development of a concrete Action Plan is the next step after the initial definition of the overall goals. This includes the setting of specific goals that will help the Energy Manager and/or the Team to:

  • Set the fields for intervention throughout the institution (e.g. horizontal intervention by implementing green procurement, implementation of specific actions in specific departments or in specific sectors, such as ventilation or waste management)
  • Measure, control and monitor the benefits and drawbacks of the concrete Action Plan
  • Motivate the staff and students
  • Demonstrate commitment to reducing environmental impacts

A key-point in this procedure is that as soon as the specific goals are established, they should be formally recognized by senior management, so as they can be legitimately promoted as a strategic mission in the whole institution.

4.2 Mapping and involvement of the main stakeholders

The involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of the Action Plan is not mandatory, but it is certainly helpful in the decision-making process, and, therefore, it is highly recommended. The Energy Manager needs to perform a detailed mapping of the relevant stakeholders that should be involved in this process. In the case of higher education institutions, the stakeholders can be categorized as follows:

  • Academic staff
  • Researchers
  • Administrative staff
  • Students
  • Suppliers

In research institutes, the stakeholders’ categories are respectively:

  • Researchers
  • Administrative staff
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

4.3 Technical division of labor: roles and resources

As soon as the main stakeholders have been identified, the Energy Manager needs to attribute specific roles to them: who should be involved, to what degree and what their responsibilities will be.

The definition of available resources is also another important parameter. The Energy Manager has to estimate costs for every activity in terms of both, financial expenses and human resources.

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