Step 6: Evaluation of outcomes and continuous improvement

6.1 Performance indicators

The assessment of achievements permits to measure energy performance after the implementation of the Action Plan.   

  • Review energy use and cost data
  • Produce reports and data from tracking and monitoring efforts
  • Analyze energy efficiency achievements based on the established performance metrics
  • Compare energy performance with a baseline
  • Compare actual performance against established goals for environmental performance and financial savings
  • Compare energy performance with peers and competitors to establish a relative understanding of where the performance ranks.


6.2 Rewarding

Recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of individuals and teams that were actively involved in the Action Plan’s implementation is key to sustaining support for energy management initiatives. Rewarding particular efforts sets the example for what constitutes success and helps motivate employees through increased job satisfaction. Recognition can strengthen the morale of everyone involved in energy management.

The recipients of rewards could be either specific individuals, or teams who worked collectively, or even whole departments that can be rewarded for energy performance accomplishments.

There is a variety of ways to provide recognition and rewards. Depending on the purpose and the type of institution, forms of recognition can range from formal acknowledgements and certificates, to simple forms of appreciation. In every case, the rewarding should be provided by the Head of the institution through a formal procedure, in order to increase the degree of recognition and the importance of the activity.  

Rewarding can also appear as an external recognition for environmental achievements. Public reporting of the Action Plan’s outcomes can lead to the validation of the institution’s energy performance and make its public image more attractive. Especially, when external recognition comes from governmental sources and programmes or world-wide recognized standards of performance the reputation of the institution is reassured and the potential for financing is increased. 

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