Step 7: Broadening of green practices

7.1 Examining further steps for implementing green practices in other sectors of the institution

The last step of the roadmap has the character of continuous improvement and incremental development and implementation of green practices. As long as the assessment of the action plan indicates positive outcomes, there is always room for new actions and further implementation of green schemes. Certainly, continuous environmental interventions depend on the dedication of the Energy Manager and the will of Senior Management of the institution. Based on the monitoring process, the next steps could focus on the broadening of departmental and/or sectoral activities, where environmental practices could be implemented.     

7.2 Cooperation with similar institutions in building green networks and clusters in Black Sea countries and EU

Equally important is the cooperation with other institutions willing to implement similar practices or having already implemented green schemes. This kind of cooperation leads to the establishment of networks where usually exchange of ideas, knowledge and know-how is easier and comparisons with other successful practices can be proven valuable.

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