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Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation or RhodesMRC, the conference that brought to the international academic community simulations of the Union of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea Economic Co-operation, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the League of Arab States, the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation or the Organization of American States, along with simulations of the EuroAtlantic Partnership Council or the North Atlantic Council of NATO and the Council of Europe, returns, for its 9th edition, aiming to bring in Rhodes more than 700 high school students, university undergraduates, young scientists and professionals, for the most satisfying conference experience.

The 9th RhodesMRC 2018 will take place in Rhodes, GreeceOctober 10-14, 2018, for the university edition – open to both students and graduates -, and November 08-11, 2018, for the high school level.

Students, young scientists of law, political science or international relations and diplomats, or just international relations “fans”, gather together in Rhodes every year to simulate the works of the organs and committees of a series regional international organizations, gaining valuable experience on negotiations and resolution making, while specializing to demanding topics focused on specific regions of the planet.

For its academic innovation and unique nature, RhodesMRC has received various recognitions:

  • the patronage of the Organization of Black Sea Economic Co-operation and the Secretary General of its PERMIS, Ambassador Michael B. Christides, for 2018;
  • the patronage of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, for 2015, 2016 and 2017;
  • the official support of 18 Embassies and Foreign Missions in Athens for 2017, under the initiative RhodesMRC Embassy Program; for 2018, already 6 Embassies have renewed their support;
  • the official support of the United Nations Regional Information Center for Western Europe, for 2017;
  • its inclusion to the official calendar of 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, as celebrated by the World Tourism Organization, being a fine example of academic tourism and an incubator of young travelers that learn to cherish diversity and respect cultural heritage;
  • distinction as one of the top projects for European Youth in 2013 by the Nantes Creative Generations program in France;
  • being the cornerstone of the House of Europe in Rhodes award by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, in 2012.

At our conference’s core, is our motto: “Towards effective peacebuilding and sustainable development on a regional level”. The organizations picked to be simulated and the topics selected to be discussed are always inspired by this central directive, and, from 2017 onwards, RhodesMRC honors and has committed itself to the accomplishment of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, as set by the United Nations, making the conference indeed relatable with modern challenges while focusing in the various regions, where regional co-operation is indeed a tangible reality.

RhodesMRC 2018 is being organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes. The Region of South Aegean, the City of Rhodes, the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, and the European Network for Education and Training, e.V. – EUNET serve as organizing partners. The International Center for Black Sea Studies, the Center of International and European Studies of Kadir-Has University and the Institute of European Integration and Policy serve as academic partners, while RhodesMRC is strongly affiliated with similar conferences in Greece and abroad, like ThessISMUN.

A highly-experienced Organizing Committee oversees all aspects of running such a demanding task, securing that the overall experience of the RhodesMRC participants will be the best possible, combining a fine academic exercise with the various cultural and historical offerings of Rhodes, including its Medieval City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The conference takes place inside historical buildings and venues in Rhodes historical center, ensuring the participants take the most of the local experience while the city itself is being revitalized with the hundreds of aspiring young diplomats conquering every corner. An experience already enjoyed by more than 1600 people from 24 countries.

A Scientific Committee of 23 professors, academians and experts from 11 universities from 4 countries are supervising the simulation preparation that will be run by a skilled Board of young scientists, students and professionals.

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