ICBSS Research Paper #1

Black Sea Region’s ecological problems. 

(By Prof. Ivan Aidarov, PhD & Prof. Aleksey Zavalin), September 2018

The article provides an analysis of causes behind worsened environment in the Black Sea. The crisis was brought about by pollutants getting into the Sea with river flows, from surrounding territories, also by runoff losses, disturbance of marine water balance and drastic reduction of water exchange through the Bosporus.

vement of the ecological state should be improvement of water and hydro-chemical balances of the Sea and terminal elements of river systems through changed regime of large water reservoirs, enhanced water quality and increased river discharge to the Sea, i.e. through environmental flows. The authors developed and tested a methodology for substantiating ecological river flow volumes designed to improve the ecological state of the flood plain, delta and northern part of the Caspian Sea, the Volga River used as an example. Due to the international importance of inland water transport, ecological river flow shall be arranged at the expense of reduced power generation in hydropower plants. Power shortages could be compensated for by building gas-turbine plants featuring high flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness. The methodology can be used for substantiation of ecological river flow of large rivers flowing into the Black Sea.

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