10th International Black Sea Symposium

The Black Sea – Silk Road corridor: Building bridges of cooperation.

Athens, Greece

6-7 March 2019

The International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) launched the International Black Sea Symposium project in the context of a need for transnational cooperation in the wider Black Sea region. Now, in its tenth year, the International Black Sea Symposium (IBSS) builds on the success and positive impact of its previous editions to bring together the next generation of stakeholders with an interest in the Black Sea area, focusing on the pivotal role of the Black Sea region along the modern Silk Road route.

The 10th International Black Sea Symposium on “The Black Sea – Silk Road corridor: Building bridges of cooperation” will be held in Athens, Greece, from 6 to 7 March 2019.

The event’s working language will be English.

More about the 10th IBSS

Since ancient times, the Silk Road route provided a multinational trade and communication network, connecting East and West, uniting three continents and different cultures along the way.

Nowadays, the historic Silk Road revives again by land and sea, to provide an excellent opportunity for social development and economic growth for countries and regions.

The modern-day Silk Road encompasses a wide spectrum of economic activities. From trade, infrastructure and the prominent Belt and Road Initiative, to tourism destinations with rich cultural heritage, the Silk Road corridor emerges as an economic driver for sustainable development.

The Black Sea countries attract particular attention both by land and sea. It is in the wider Black Sea region that the contemporary equivalents of the Silk Road on land and the maritime Silk Road meet each other and connect to Europe.

Within this framework, through the 10th IBSS, the ICBSS is aiming at offering a platform for dialogue among stakeholders in order to a) highlight the role of the Black Sea countries and assess the different levels of engagement, from international to national and regional, and b) identify challenges, opportunities for, and best practices of cooperation along the Black Sea-Silk Road corridor.

Special emphasis will be placed on the following:

  • Business opportunities & Connectivity: Belt and Road Initiative, infrastructure, trade, transport and logistics, maritime activities, tourism.
  • Economic & policy challenges: economic transformations, policy and institutional reforms.
  • Sustainable economic activity: stimulating investments while promoting the conservation of the route’s natural and cultural heritage.

Through interactive sessions, speakers and participants will have the opportunity to discuss, interact and network with fellow regional and international stakeholders.  

More information on how to get involved will be announced soon on www.icbss.org.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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