Xenophon Paper No. 16


“Blue Growth as a Driver for Regional Development"


Blue economy has always been high in the agenda for policy stakeholders and researchers over the years, however through scarce and uncoordinated actions. Therefore, it is optimistic that over the past years, there are coordinated efforts from all parties involved, to implement a result-oriented strategy with targeted policies related to the sustainable development of the marine and maritime sectors.

The concept of Blue Growth is evaluated positively by the Black Sea countries, as it addresses a significant potential of the wider region that remains untapped. Besides, the inter-connectedness of the seas and of the maritime activities demands for enhanced cooperation and coordination of actions among stakeholders for the optimum results.

Within this context, the International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) organised the 9th International Black Sea Symposium on “Blue Growth as a driver for regional development”, with the aim to become a platform for constructive dialogue among stakeholders, to contribute to knowledge about the various aspects of the marine and maritime sectors, and why not, to facilitate the creation of synergies for future productive cooperation.

Since its establishment in 1998, -this year marks ICBSS’ 20th Anniversary-, our objective has been to enhance knowledge, to empower people and to enable synergies at regional and interregional levels. And through this highly educative route, we have come to realize the importance of capitalizing on the Region’s high potential with the aim to provide the optimum opportunities to its people.

The present publication includes the contributions of experts to the 9th IBSS aiming to highlight the opportunities and challenges for sustainable blue growth; to present practices of successful maritime entrepreneurship, and eventually, to provide food-for-thought about the future of blue economy in our wider region.

In my capacity as Director General of ICBSS, I would like to cordially thank all authors for their comprehensive and highly interesting inputs to this collective edition. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Mr. Georgios Mitrakos, ICBSS Director General

Athens, October 2018


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