Feedback from ICBSS Alumni

The International Black Sea Symposia have received very positive feedback. Both participants and speakers highlighted the high quality of the sessions, the welcome opportunity to network, the unique atmosphere and excellent organisation. Below you can read some of their comments. As organisers, we are committed to keeping up the good work and to further improving the symposium experience.

“Great opportunity to enhance cooperation with people that don't share the same perspectives. Unique opportunity to meet and listen / discuss with famous experts”
Participant 2nd IBSS, Greece

“Frankly speaking as regards content, management, speakers and participants - the best ‘conference’ I ever attended. Thank you!!!” Participant 2nd IBSS

“It is an excellent opportunity to meet the young generation of Black Sea thinkers, policy-makers and opinion leaders” Speaker 2nd IBSS, Russia

“It is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries [and] eventually develop common projects.” Participant 2nd IBSS, Romania

“… brilliant speakers, who presented their topics from different points of view; it was really useful. Thank you for everything!” Participant 2nd IBSS, Russia

“The symposium fills an important need in the region, and I believe there is a good balance between more 'passive' forms of learning (presentations) and 'active' forms of learning (workshop activities). Great job with everything!” Speaker 2nd IBSS, USA

“It exceeded all my expectations and surely among the best scholary events I've attended recently.” Participant 2nd IBSS, Ukraine

“Apart from the variety of topics, which I found very interesting, it was really good to see ‘clashing’ perspectives, opinions, etc. The interaction between participants with different backgrounds was probably the most interesting part [of the Symposium]” Participant 2nd IBSS, Romania

“It's a unique setting, which allows and stimulates great in-depth debates and discussions.” Speaker 2nd IBSS, Germany

“I did gain deeper insight in many fields. Especially valuable for me personally was the interaction with people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine and their perspectives, as I do not live in the region.” Participant 2nd IBSS, Austria

“Thank you so much for this excellent event. It provokes thinking and brings optimism. Such dialogues are very important to better understand new generation of the region.” Speaker 2nd IBSS, Ukraine

“Now I’m more optimistic concerning the future of this region” Participant 1st IBSS, Romania “I would strongly recommend [the Symposium]. It's a unique chance to enhance your knowledge on a wide range of topics, get skills in networking and view-sharing, get acquainted with leading academicians in your field of study” Participant 2nd IBSS

“It certainly ranks among the top 10 events I have ever attended.” Participant 2nd IBSS

“It was one of the most interesting and best organized events that I have been part of recently” Participant 2nd IBSS, Romania

“Excellent event. Good mix of participants, wonderful environment.” Speaker 1st IBSS

“Great Initiative! …Thank you for organising this event - the team did a great job.” Participant 1st IBSS, Germany
“Organisation absolutely fantastic” Participant 2nd IBSS “Very professionally organised event. Thank you.” Participant 1st IBSS, Russia

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