January-March 2011 (english version)

During the period January- March of 2011, ICBSS organized major events under its authority while it participated actively in many others in order to promote its activities.



• Ιn the context of the Conference “The Impact of Climate Change in the Mediterranean Designing Adaptation and Implementation Strategies” organised by The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) that was held in Athens, on 24-25 February 2011, the ICBSS participated via Dr. Zefi Dimadama’s speech.

• Moreover, in the Informal Meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials, in Sinaia, on 25 February 2011, the Director General Dr. Zefi Dimadama participated and presented paper “New challenges for BSEC, Comprehensive Sustainable Development in a Regional Format”, in order to propose the adoption of a new Economic Agenda adapted to the current developments. Thus, the BSEC Member States were encouraged to submit their comments and recommendations.

• The Director General, Dr. Zefi Dimadama and the Alternate Director General, Ambassador Tedo Japaridze were the official guests of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) in Baku, on 8-11 March 2011. During the visit, the ICBSS Management had meetings with representatives of other think tanks, such as the Center for Strategic Studies, under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the perspectives of interaction between the two Centres were explored. At the meeting hosted by Azerbaijani MFA, Dr. Dimadama discussed practical issues of environmental friendly development, green growth.

• The ICBSS Management had a meeting with the Académie Diplomatique Internationale (France) where the venues and the perspectives of cooperation between the ICBSS and the Académie were explored (Paris 3 March 2011).

• The ICBSS Management and representatives of the South Korean Embassy encountered in Athens and discussed a variety of issues of common problematic. Specific emphasis was given to the importance of environmental problems of the Black Sea region and South Korea’s role and contribution as a sectoral partner.

• From 19 to 23 September 2011 the ICBSS will welcome young professionals and international experts for the 4th International Black Sea Symposium on “The Black Sea Region in Transition: New Challenges and Concepts”, for an intensive course on Black Sea issues, which will take place on the coastal zone of Attica Vouliagmeni, Greece.

• The ICBSS has announced an open submission for application for the 2011 Summer School in “Rescaling Government: Reforming public administration and local government”, supported by EURA (European Urban Research Association) and EUROLOC. The event will be hosted and financially supported by the ICBSS, in Vouliagmeni, Greece, from 18 to 23 September 2011.

• The ICBSS had an open call for its internship programme, offering work experience to two qualified individuals to whom editing of scientific publications, research assistance, administrative and event support were assigned.


Moreover, in the context of European programs, in which ICBSS participates actively, the Center took part in some activities, such as:

• The ICBSS presented and discussed, during the Executive Board meeting in Kyiv, on 8-9 February 2011, the revised version of the Black Sea Research Programme (BSRV).

• Within the frame of the project “S&T International Cooperation Network for Central Asia and South Caucasus Countries” (IncoNet CA/SC) (April 2010) the ICBSS was responsible for the implementation of two fact finding missions in order to deepen the knowledge of local research policies and structures. The first one took place in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, between 20-30 March 2011, and the other in the countries of Central Asia implementing the organisation of the Information Days.

• In the context of BSEC HDF project, the ICBSS submitted a proposal under the title “Green cluster of knowledge institution Black Sea: a roadmap on renewable energy sources and energy efficience for research and academic institutions”.

• Concerning the project “Networking on Science and Technology in the Black Sea Region” (BS-ERA.NET), in which the ICBSS is a partner along with many other institutions from the BSEC Member States, the deadline for the submission of proposals was January 2011. Approximately 66 proposals were submitted for evaluation by external experts, whilst the evaluation should be finalised by the end of May 2011 and the first contracts signed by July 2011.

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