July-September 2010 (english version)

Within the context of the BSEC Hellenic Chairmanship in Office, the new leadership has launched a promotional campaign for the ICBSS which includes, inter alia:

New leaflets on the goals of sustainability and the new ICBSS perspectives on “Greening” the Black Sea, both in Greek and English.

The modification of the ICBSS logo and colours, as well as, of the publications and leaflets with respect to the new aspect of sustainable development.

The reconstruction of the ICBSS site in order to promote the Centre’s new goals and priorities. Furthermore, a direct link to the ICBSS site was added to the official site of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The briefing of the Board of Directors on the new ICBSS objectives, through emails.

The ratification of article 24 on ICBSS (Albania has already accepted the article and proceeds with the necessary actions).

Meetings with Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors in order to promote cooperation amongst the BSEC member-states, as well as, to exchange information and propositions on the most effective management of the BSEC.

The distribution of the new policy brief to all partners, including universities, institutes, NGOs and think tanks.

The future updating of all Greek universities regarding the ICBSS activities and the new perspectives on the Black Sea region with respect to Sustainable Development, Innovation and Good Governance.

The organization of workshops with the active participation of the ICBSS which as an independent research foundation and an active member of the BSEC institutional family fosters the synergies and develops additional activities.

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