Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Vol.6

  • CategoryJournal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
  • YearJune 2006
  • AuthorELIAMEP
  • CountryGreece
  • LanguageEnglish
Includes articles by:

  • Thanos Veremis “The Involvement of the International Center for Black Sea Studies in the Policy-making & Cooperation process within the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Framework: The Role of a Think-tank in the BSEC Region”
  • Roberto Aliboni “Globalization and the Wider Black Sea Area: Interaction with the EU, Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East”
  • Marius Vahl & Sergiu Celac “Ready for a Breakthrough: Elements for a EU Strategy Towards the Black Sea Region”
  • Sergiu Celac & Panagiota Manoli “Towards a New Model of Comprehensive Regionalism in the Black Sea Area”
  • John M. Roberts “The Black Sea and European Energy Security”
  • Nikos Efthymiadis “The Experience of the Private Sector in Doing Business and Investing in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea”
  • Ahmet Imre “Financial Cooperation within the Black Sea Region: The Experience of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank”
  • Vsevolod Samokhvalov “Ukraine and the Orange Revolution: Democracy or a ‘Velvet Restoration’?”

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