The Black Sea Research Programme (BSRP)


The development of a “Black Sea Research Programme” constitutes a task and a deliverable of the BS-ERANET project.  To implement this task a Task Force has been set-up that discussed the issue at a meeting in Istanbul (3/11/2010) and agreed to prepare a draft that, after consultation and consolidation by the Task Force members, will be presented to the BS-ERANET Steering Board for further improvement and approval.  As a next step, the BSRP will be presented to potential stakeholders in order to seek their opinion and possible involvement in the implementation of the Programme.

The Task Force could be considered as a nucleus of the Steering Board of the BSRP, which could be enlarged with the inclusion of additional interested stakeholders such as members of the BSEC Working Group on Cooperation in S&T.

The Black Sea Research Programme (BSRP) should respond to the needs of the region while aiming to represent the strongest form of networking in different aspects of S&T affairs in the region.

On your right you can download the draft version of The Black Sea Research Programme

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