Xenophon Paper No. 12

  • CategoryXenophon Paper
  • YearOctober 2012
  • AuthorEftychia Bakopoulou, Leonidas Chryssanthopoulos, Zefi Dimadama, Cameron Fraser, Tedo Japaridze, Andrey Kondakov, Spyros Kouvelis, Haydar Ozkan, Ioannis Stribis
  • CountryGreece
  • LanguageEnglish

In the light of the 20th Anniversary of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC), the International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS), as a BSEC related body and its acknowledged think tank, is taking the initiative, with this Xenophon Paper Anniversary Edition, to create a publication with the valuable contribution of experts and Heads of the Organization of the BSEC and its related bodies, based on the twofold concept of the role and the progress of the BSEC Organization and its related bodies and the new priorities of the Black Sea region.

The last twenty years, the Organization of the BSEC, as a multilateral economic initiative has managed to promote stability and prosperity among the Member States while encouraging and inspiring interaction and cooperation in the Black Sea region. Nevertheless, after these years of modest, yet incremental evolution of the Organization, several questions seem to remain unanswered. Entering a new era of complex and radical changes in the global and regional community, it is important to promote and to outline the development of a modern and ambitious, yet flexible, vision for the Black Sea area. In this context, highly respected contributors attempt to answer, from their own unique perspective and experience, on whether the Organization has increased its efficiency as it was expected; to what degree it has supported regional cooperation and whether it has enhanced its interaction with other international organisations; as well as, how far it has succeeded to respond to the needs of its Member States.

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