Policy Brief no. 27

  • CategoryPolicy Brief
  • Year2013
  • AuthorAmb. David Kereselidze
  • CountryGreece
  • LanguageEnglish

"A Perspective on Tourism in the BSEC Countries"

Tourism as the world’s largest industry and fastest growing economic segment experienced growth in spite of the harsh practicalities of recent crisis, thus trend is upward encouraging countries all over the world to contribute more resources to it. Black Sea Area with its historical heritage, diversity and exquisite flora and fauna has potential to benefit from the tourism industry. Throughout the decades by enforcing multilateral economic ties, BSEC has served as the platform under which various projects and declarations concentrating on the tourism was implemented. Necessity of sustainable development of tourism industry in the Black Sea area in order to achieve economic benefits for all is vivid and therefore gives motivation for higher level cooperation and importance of mutual consent between states. This policy brief touches upon benefits and challenges of tourism industry in the Black Sea region while underlining the significance of promotion of tourism in the area.

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