Policy Brief no. 29

  • CategoryPolicy Brief
  • YearJuly 2014
  • AuthorMariana Semenyshyn
  • CountryGreece
  • LanguageEnglish

"The Bl​ack Sea region in the media" 

This report looks at the media coverage of the Black Sea region in the newspapers of Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as at the Black Sea representation in the ‘new’ social media. By conducting the monitoring of eight newspapers in the abovementioned countries, we aim to identify the degree to which the Black Sea is being perceived as the region in the media discourses of these states; as well as to clarify the media perception of the Black Sea regional cooperation. Moreover, taking into account the growing role of the ‘new’ social media, the potential role of the ‘new’ social media tools in promoting regional cooperation is evaluated. 

Director General: Dr. Zefi Dimadama

Managing Editor:  Athina Korovesi

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