Policy Brief no. 23

  • CategoryPolicy Brief
  • YearJuly 2011
  • AuthorIlia Roubanis and Zefi Dimadama
  • CountryGreece
  • LanguageEnglish

"Food Security, Human Security and the Black Sea: The Instructive Case Study of 2010-2011 Events"

This policy brief focuses on a case study. It is suggested that an environmental disaster during the summer of 2010 in the Black Sea region triggered in winter 2011 a food crisis in the Arab World; in turn, this led to massive riots, revolts, political instability, a NATO operation and, alas, an oil crisis that accentuates an already suffering global economy. Coextensively, it maybe suggested that an environmental crisis triggered a political crisis, which escalated in a series of conflicts that are of major concern for traditional security structures in Europe and beyond. In sum, the argument is made that as a result of this experience, the human security agenda must have a direct effect on our traditional security agenda. The question addressed at this point is how these interrelated chains of events affect the security establishment and our notions of a ‘high strategy.’  


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